The badge of the K.S.L.I.


Don Neal

6th Bn K.S.L.I.

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Many thanks to Rob Barton for this superb photograph which belonged to his late Granfather FRANK FOSTER. A special thanks, because Frank and my Dad were great pals during the War and I have a lovely photo of them together, taken in about 1943, which can be viewed on page xxv of my book and also in gallery 1 of my web site. My Mom and Dad spent time on leave with Frank and his wife, and incredibly both Frank's wife (Rob's Granny) and my Mom are still with us, and in to their nineties, what an amazing link! Once again I am immensely pleased to have be able to help Rob and his family find out what Frank and his comrades did for us during the War.



Rear; Sgt Packer; Sgt Darby; Sgt Foster; Sgt Powell; Sgt Hunt; Sgt Gunn; Sgt Clarke; Sgt Holdsworth
C Troop C Troop D Troop C Troop BHQ C Troop D Troop D Troop

Front; Sgt Layton; BQMS Norcross; BSM Cook; RSM Norton; BSM Oliver; Sgt Guy; Sgt Leighton
C Troop BHQ C Troop RHQ C Troop D Troop C Troop

Sgt Arthur Gunn was Killed in Action 25.06.44 A-Sub

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