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Don Neal

6th Bn K.S.L.I.

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An Email from Mr Ray Knight a few weeks ago led to some interesting research and discoveries.

Ray's Father, Ernest Stanley Knight served with 181 field Regt during the war, having first enlisted into the KSLI in 1926, serving for seven years. He was then transferred to the rerserve for 5 years on completion and elected to serve a further four years when war was declared. He was moblized into the KSLI in 1939, and went to France with the BEF, serving at the Depot.

After surviving Dunkirk, he was posted to 6 Battalion KSLI in July 1940, and served with them until they were transferred to Field Artillery, giving him a total service of almost 25 years. In many cases this would qualify Ernest for a Long Service & Good Conduct medal, as this trusty old soldier had an exemplary career throughout his service in the QM stores with RHQ. Ray is pursuing this with the Medal Office, if he is successful he must be the only member of 181 Field Regt to receive this award.

My good freind David Gimes meanwhile searched his library of Regimentasl journals and came across a photograph of Ernest with 'W' Company football team taken in 1928!. Ray had no idea of its existence or of his Dad's interest in footy.

Many thanks to Ray, and my continued thanks to Mark Smith of IMK who has supported my web site for almost 6years... The history continues. look out for further stories....

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