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Don Neal

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My father, Gunner George Neal
My father, with Gnr Smith.
My father, with Sgt Foster
The reverse of the picture above. I've written a story about my seach for photographs and this one in particular. Click the image to read it.
My father's service record.
More of my father's service record.
Exhausted, men of 181st team who formed part of 44Bde endurance team
Percy Wakely
NCO's of 178 Bty, Holland 1944.
COMMAND POST/ signallers and staff C troop 178 Bty.
Charlie Ashton and Charlie Spence.
Gnr George Neal of 'C' Troop and Sgt Frank Foster of 'D' Troop.
In Holland, with Dutch citizens.
Cpl Albert Snape
Freddie Poole
Junior NCOs - KSLI
Troop Commanders
More signallers
An "Unknown Soldier"
"Snowy" Brannan
Snowy Brannan, Escorting the flag.
More of Snowy Brannan
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