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The first five photographs on this page were taken by the military press to help boost the country's morale. These are some of the men from 181 Field Regt who were recognised, receiving the medal ribands. For those of you that have my book, it will put faces to some of the recommendations in Appendix 7.

The ceremony was held in the Garrison Theatre, Lubeck, December 15th 1945. The men would each receive a signed copy from Monty to keep. The photos show clearly the divisional and regimental insignia and the men wearing side arms.

Can you help?

I was pleased to track down George Aspley's MM. and would like to trace anyone who knows another Brummie, Kenneth Jennings, who lived in the Stetchfod/Erdington area - can anyone help??

George Aspley's Military Medal is now in the safe keeping of his niece, Mrs Sue Wayman. I tracked it down via a phone call from Scotland - an old neighbour of George's spotted my appeal on the "Service Pals" page of teletext. A bit of perseverance, and a meeting followed. I was able to tell George's sister and niece some of George's adventures. A photo of his medal appears in my book.

The first five of these photographs come courtesy of The Imperial War museum.

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Bdr George Aspley MM
Bdr/Ack C Troop 178 Bty
Bdr Kenneth Jennings MM
Bdr/Ack 177 Bty
Captain Nigel Prutton MC
i/c E Troop 179 Bty
Captain Dudley Shaw DSO i/c D Troop 178 Bty
Captain John Meredith MC
i/c C Troop 178 Bty
When - and if - I can induce old soldiers to talk about their medals, they all say the same thing - That they had seen a dozen acts of outstanding courage every day, but they were just "in the right place at the right time."

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