The badge of the K.S.L.I.


Don Neal

6th Bn K.S.L.I.

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These three amazing photographs were sent to me by Madam Crista Fouquet, whose Father Lt.Col RBS MUNN was the officer commanding the 6th Battalion KSLI.

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Two of the less military pursuits that 6KSLI were famous for were football and greyhound racing, both represented here. The Gentleman in the suit is, I'm sure the, then Duke of Portland who is presenting the Portland Cup to Lt.Col Munn.

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A day at the races. 6 KSLI had a large Kennell of Greyhounds and meetings were held weekly. This is a fine shot of Lt.Col munn with a entourage of officers, dressed for winter.

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An important photograph of the Battalion officers outside RHQ. They have almost all been identified by Philip Mulholland who is in the photo as a 2nd Lt. rear rank 3rd from the left. He thinks this was taken just after he joined the battalion in Sept 1941 at Burgh-le-Marsh.


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