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Where are they now?

This page is intended to allow you to try to locate old friends from the Battalion or the Regiment.

Please me your requests and I'll put them on this page.
On 27th March 1942 A German Bomber ( make not known) Crash landed in a field on thHorncastle Road, Lincolnshire. This area was patrolled by the 6th Bn KSLI.

The crew were all taken prisoner, interrogated and transferred to POW camp No 10.
Their names were;-

  • Oberleutnant Friedrich Rinck
  • Oberfeldwebel Willhelm Ruther
  • Unteroffizzer Ferdinand Wissing
  • Obergefreiter Ernst Stills.

Believed to be from GAF 3rd group out of Amsterdam.

I would like to hear from them or their descendants should they log into my site.

Over the years I have tried to trace dozens of people or their relatives, from both 6KSLI and 181 Field Regt. It's a painstaking job, though I have had some amazing results. I once found five addresses in a newspaper dated 1945. I sent out a letter to all five, incredibly I had a reply from Colin Bourne's brother, still living at the same address! He was 93 at the time but was kind enough to send me his one treasured photo of Colin and an Obituary from a local paper, which can be seen in Photo Gallery 3.

Colin was very popular amongst both Officers and men. He was enlisted in to 6 KSLI and posted to 181 Field Regt where he served with distinction in 179 Bty.

That was one of my successes; I've had many more failures believe me.

So I've opened a "Where are they now" page to try and track down some of those or their relatives. Both units 6 KSLI and 181 Field Regt had an impressive football team, that was only beaten on one occasion. The team featured many professionals, the most well known was;

  • FRED MILLS - always called Paddy by his mates - who played for Leeds Utd . Sadly Paddy was killed in Holland.
  • BILL TUDOR - An all round sportsman, opening bat with Dudley Shaw in the cricket team and played full time for West Bromwich Albion and Shrewsbury, and schoolboy international rugby for Wales.
  • STAN FRANKLIN - played for Stoke City and Blackpool.
  • KENNETH JENNINGS MM - Lived in the Stetchford / Erdington Area of Birmingham. Do his family have his Military Medal?

Unless told by a comrade or friend, who was present, the next of kin were not told of the circumstances of death by the war department. Very often these men were killed in heroic circumstances. CSR (STUART) LOWDON, Capt. was a member of the Royal Army Medical Corps, attatched to 181 Field Regt as Medical Officer. The story of his tragic death is told in my book, as is that of his Orderly, CYRIL MARKLEW, Bdr, killed on the same day. It would be nice if their relatives knew how bravely they gave their lives.

ACMP DUCQUENOY Capt., from one of the Channel Islands. was a larger than life character, and leader of men, described as "moving as fast as he talked" by Dudley Shaw.

Many years ago I had a letter from the daughter of AJJ CORY-WRIGHT Capt., killed on the first day in action. Capt Cory-Wright's daughter had spent her whole life trying to find Signaller Bramald who was with Cory-Wright when he was struck down.

I picked up the mantle, I have him in a group of 179 Bty. Maybe you can help me find some of these men or their relatives, or anyone from either 6 KSLI or 181 Field Regt or the 15th Scottish division.

Thanks in advance. Don.

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